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A couple of publishers have recently inquired whether I would review a copy of one of their books or if there’s any way that they could help further the blog. Therefore, I have compiled this brief page to answer those things:

Can I review one of your books?

Short answer: Possibly. Long answer: The blog receives absolutely no funding whatsoever. Consequently, I am limited to my own collection as to what I can review. If I have a copy of the text you request then I would be happy to, if not, unless you would like to send me a review copy, I’m afraid it may not be possible.

Is there anything you can do to help?

Yes. The fact that you want to support the blog in the first place really does help. If you would like to promote individual entries or the blog as a whole through social media or newsletters that would be enormously helpful in boosting a readership. If you want to send review copies it would be great, and I would be delighted to review it. Finally, I’m currently unemployed and looking for work, so if you know of any jobs for a medievalist / Jewish studies person who reads to much then that would be enormously helpful for ensuring the long term future of the blog (no job = no funds = less chance of growing the blog of the texts that I do have access to).

To discuss anything raised here further please contact me at

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